Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Spirit of 1670 Week Three

Last night, I ran the third week of my Skull & Bones campaign. The whole time was spent in a dungeon, so there really isn't much to tell story-wise.

After fighting the centipedes, the party rested before descending deeper into the sewers. The next level was much more clausterphobic. They wound their way through older catacombs, avoiding opening coffins, until they found a series of doors blocked in with large slabs of stone impeding their progress. They backtracked until they found another way around, this time through a room with a disgusting pool of old sewage in it. As they made their way through the room, four humanoid shapes formed out of the muck and attacked.

After a brief battle, the party progressed until they found a large, open chamber with a wooden barricade across the floor. Hiding behind the barrier were a bunch of Trodlodytes, tiny humanoid lizard-like creatures. Zanna cast a spell that allowed her to understand their language, but brandished her voodoo doll at the little creatures, causing them to panic and attack. The Troggies swarmed over their barrier and began attacking the party in earnest. Aleida, Zanna, and The Porcupine withdrew, leaving Ronald and Rodrigo to fight the swarm on their own.

The game ended in the middle of that fight. Unfortunately, the random dungeon generator I used didn't give the players too many options, so the dungeon felt as if they were being herded rather than making choices, and I didn't like that. I'm also going to shorten the dungeon a bit, as I think they are getting tired of dungeon crawling rather than open-sea adventuring, and I'd like to introduce the bad guy and move the story along a bit.

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