Sunday, April 18, 2004

Absence Make the Blog Grow Longer

It's been a few days. My host apparently had some problems, and if you're looking at this, you've figured out that you now get to my blog by removing the "www" from your link. From now on, get here by using:

Friday was a typical day at work. A few fires, some nonsense, and all the regular crap. Friday night, Liz went down to Tacoma for the night (her huge events are this weekend), so I went out with Kytte, Matt, and Deme to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting; far less action than the first one, and a hell of a lot of character development. Still some great nods to martial arts flicks, and there was one incredibly disturbing scene of someone getting buried alive. I have a feeling that the two movies, cut and viewed together, will be amazing, and Quentin has already alluded to the fact that he intends to do this in the future. I suspect it may happen on DVD right around the same time that the extended Return of the King comes out. You heard it here first, folks.

Yesterday Brook and Wendi picked me up for some estate/garage sale-ing, a good way to spend a Saturday morning. We found a sandbox for James' little girl, a couple books, but not much else. Before we went to pick Liz up, we stopped by Scarecrow Video, and I think I've found a new altar at which to pray.

First of all, they had a couple of old horror flicks Jimmy recommended that I haven't been able to find anywhere else: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (just finished watching it, great z-grade fun) and Let's Scare Jessica to Death (this afternoon's fare). Plus, they had the director's cut of Battle Royale for sale, so I didn't have to import it from eBay. Their video selection is the best I've ever seen, period. When I interned for United Broadcasting, there was a video store down in the Village that we rented from constantly. They had a great selection, some really hard-to-find, obscure shit. They are nothing compared to Scarecrow. Little insects on the wall, nothing more. Scarecrow is the holiest of holies for the movie lover, and I feel a conversion coming on!

OK, seriously, it's great.

Now to run the vacuum and watch some horror.

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