Thursday, April 01, 2004

Everybody Runs

It turned out I didn't watch anything scary after all. I popped in Minority Report, a movie I liked well enough in the theater, except the projector broke in the last ten minutes of the film, so the ending got totally screwed up (this sucks during an action movie). This happened to me once before, during U-571. I didn't mind so much during U-571 because I was having a hard time not laughing and trying not to go deaf from the ridiculously loud sound mix.

Instead of finishing the movie, I spat out a good thousand words on Crocodile Man, which puts me a little more than 15,000 words away from my goal. I'm hoping to get another thousand tomorrow at least. Hopefully before work, so I can justify working on queries and other things tomorrow evening.

Edit: because I'm a whore and I'm trying to get listed in a blog search directory, I added a button with a link to it under the archives. Eventually, once I find some cheap webspace, I'm gonna get rigged up to host pictures and other pages, like links, again.

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