Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Zombies, Day One

I worked right up until my zombie RPG tonight (sorry Roger - I promise I'll call tomorrow!) I'm actually getting caught up at work - staying superlate last week and later tonight really put me where I need to be, and it's nice not to feel completely overwhelmed.

The group for the zombie game was a little different; we were joined by some new faces and Seth couldn't make it, so Jon was the only familiar one from our other Tuesday sessions. The game settled in fairly nicely; it'll be interesting to see what happens when we add Seth to the mix and everyone's sober. There was some surprisingly good roleplaying, so its always a pleasure to see that happening.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

have you tried the text-based rpg, Fleets of Anarchy?

It's simple, but annoyingly addictive.. just login, and you'll have a ship to go destroy other fleets with... and you can play it at work for a couple minutes on break.. not that i do..

(if you use that link, i get hooked up with extra AP.. it'll help me out.. even if you just take 30 secs to sign in and never go back)