Monday, May 23, 2005

Opposing the Nuclear Option

I haven't blogged (much) about politics lately, largely because I haven't had the time, but I'd like to speak up now regarding the movement to end the filibuster for judicial nominees in the Senate.

I don't feel self-righteously against this measure, partially because I don't believe it will have nearly as much of an impact as some on the left insinuate it does. However, at this point in time - taking into account National IDs, the Patriot Act, openly unconstitutional actions from the House, openly unconstitutional actions from the White House, and a push to consolidate power and control under the guise of making people safer, I have to oppose it on moral grounds. We've been comprimising too much; we've been settling and allowing them to whittle us down. We're frogs in a pot, and the water is getting pretty warm.

To sign the petition to oppose the "nuclear option," go here. It'll take all of ten seconds. No one party, Republican or Democrat, should ever has as much power as the Right is attempting to take. It's long past the time to do something; let's hope its not too late.

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