Friday, May 13, 2005

The Face of Modern Conservatives

Somehow, while we were all asleep listening to tales of the undead child molestor and some spoiled-little-rich-cracker-bitch runaway bride, we missed that the Republican Congress passed legislation that will require is to have a National ID card. That is, in addition to a Social Security card, each and every citizen of the United States will need an electronic form of identification that can be read at a distance of 15 feet - so a cop could scan your personal information (and criminal record, I suppose) as you walk by in the street.

But what will be on this card? Will it show that we're on some terrorist list, or potential terrorist list? If we've made enemies of the wrong government employee, will that be reflected? And what if someone steals our information? There is no computer system impervious to hacking; this will be no different.

Maybe it's just the liberal in me, but I don't think I'll be participating in this little project. I'm sure that means I'm anti-American, or not patriotic, or some other neoCon gobbledygook, but I think it is only appropriate to look those control freaks in the face - and anyone stupid enough to vote for those freaks - and say this:

Fuck you. Fuck you for being so stupid. Fuck you for being duped into voting for them. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you a thousand times, because those of us who are smart enough to make intelligent decisions are going to be the worst ones affected by this.

Fuck you if you want to keep watching the shadows on the walls of your cave. Some of us have been outside, and we don't care to join you in your ignorance. Fuck you for being so fucking stupid, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

You got everything you deserve, you stupid fucking redstate moron fucks. Unfortunately, you dragged the smart people down with you to wallow in your pigfilth fucking stupidity.


Michael said...

That's it. We have started the "let's move to Canada by 2008" discussion.


Paul S. Kemp said...
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