Monday, May 02, 2005

All Moved In

Yup, we're all in the new house. Our bedroom is kind-of arranged. The kitchen is coming along. I fixed the dryer vent. All is well.

As a welcome to the neighborhood present, a sheriff showed up at our wannabe-trailer-trash neighbor's house yesterday, with the woman in tow. She wanted in. The husband didn't want her in. Sheriff insisted. She went in, she left. Later she comes back. She leaves the car door of her car open (maybe it's a quick trip)? She goes in. She doesn't come out. He doesn't come out. No lights on in the house all night. Car door stays open all night. Dog stays outside, no leash, all night. This morning, same story.

If car door is still open when I get home, and nothing has changed, I think the sheriff is coming back.


Liz said...

will add: the dog was sleeping on the front door step, then waiting in the car for the woman to leave, then, this morning, started barking and barking and barking. was barking when I left.

Seth said...

Citizens demand updates!