Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend Of Fun

Sunday, as you can tell, was all SIFF. First the Secret Festival (much better than last week's, but strange as all get-out), then Red Dust, then The Syrian Bride. There were funnybooks in there, and a nice Mexican restaurant in Wallingford.

Saturday we had some folks over for a very nice evening, even though it was damn near 95 degrees outside (not an exaggeration, we have a thermometer on the house). Scott and his friend Jen came over, Angela hung out most of the day, and Seth joined us later in the evening. We grilled meatsas and had a lively discussion about this and that. A good time was had by all. Seth and I got the Arch Rivals machine working, so that was a bonus.

Today, I think I can avoid going into the office by working from home. I'll probably hit the gym this morning (I've been going over lunch - three times last week - and I hit it on Saturday, so a Monday trip will be good for the new schedule I'm trying to develop) and do the rest of my work, if I don't finish before I go. There's a rumored trip to Ikea in our near-future too. Liz is going to price their countertops in the hope that they will be cheaper than the $50 - $90 a square foot stupid Home Depot wants to charge us.

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