Sunday, May 15, 2005

Welcome to the Neighborhood (the GOOD Neighborhood)

The cable guy came at the tail end of his four-hour window this morning, so I now have home Internet again. Huzzah. Prepare to see some house pictures.

I met and spoke with at length my neighbor on the other side - or at least her sister, who visits a lot. She had two kids in tow, and there's a third that lives there who doesn't speak English much (she's from Costa Rica). We were talking about home improvement and they got the tour of the house, including the Pole Position machine, the giant TV, and the cats. The cats were the primary focus of kid attention, followed by the other two.

I mention this because I haven't had a kid in my house since I was first married, so it was a few years ago. And I realized as the kids were going around marveling at my stuff and how cool it was, that I might really have succeeded in maintaining some of my youth somewhere in there - maybe not quite Peter Pan, but I'd like to think that part of me never quite grew up, in a good way.

Also, they came over to borrow something, so I know that I'm in suburbia now!

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