Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Memorial Day

I forgot this morning that the Indy 500 was yesterday, so I didn't get to participate in one of my yearly traditions, watching people go around a track in highly-tuned vehicles at 240+ miles per hour. Indy racing is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine; I certainly find it more refined and challenging than NASCAR, although I can appreciate the dedication and expertise that all kinds of auto racing require, from riceboys to funny cars.

Jon and Seth came over this afternoon and spectated upon Step Into Liquid, one of the many DVDs I've gotten in the last couple of months. I stopped putting so much time and effort into talking about DVDs because no one was using my links to buy them, so it was basically a wasted effort. If I see something noteworthy, I'll talk about it. If someone were to buy something, then I'd talk even more about it.

I've stagnated once again on my weight loss, which is strengthening my resolve to get more unwanted pounds off. Tomorrow I'm going to start walking to work again, and I'm going to seriously look into some of the yoga centers in and around Bellevue to try to find something that fits our schedule and our budget.

On a fishier but related note, we picked up some Copper River salmon, a delicacy that appears here once a year for a couple of weeks (see the linked article for more details). Liz is fixing it right now, so I'll make a culinary report later tonight or tomorrow.

Right now, I'm going to go pick out a new template for the old blog.

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