Sunday, May 30, 2004

Full Weekend

As long weekends tend to do, this one seems to have gotten away from me, but in a good way. Last week, I found an auction on eBay for the last two X-Men Evolution maquettes I need, as I'm getting Captain America and Wolverine in a trade, and my Colossus should be shipping soon. It was crazy cheap, so I bid on a whim and won. With shipping, it turned out to be less than one of them would have cost me individually, so I did good.

I spent the day yesterday with Brook, Wendi, and Kytte, hanging out and doing stuff. It was mostly Kytte and Brook and me, because Liz and Wendi were working on a dress for a wedding Wendi is going to be in, so we three just goofed off and played games. My Game of Thrones deck got its ass kicked a couple of times, so I reworked it, and there's a tournament today over at the funnybook store, so I'm hoping to head over and try it out against to real competition.

Kytte turned me on to the wonders of On-Demand cable, where you can use your digital cable box to watch shows whenever you want. No extra TIVO, just go through their long lists of complimentary (yup, it's free) shows, movies, and so on until you find what you want to watch, hit a button, and it comes to your box. You can pause it, and watch it again up to 24 hours after hitting the button. For example, I was pissed off that I missed the Lewis Black special on HBO. I kept trying to find when it would be on again. Lo and behold, there it is on On-Demand, so I watched it this morning, for free, and even paused it to run to the loo. Ain't technology great?

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