Monday, May 10, 2004

End of the Weekend

Saturday morning Liz and I met Angela (sans John) to see Super Size Me, which turned out to be better than I expected. It wasn't terribly Moore-ish, but it dragged on way too long (although, in fairness, that may have been because I was royally uncomfortable in the seat and I needed to get up and walk around). The movie's best parts included the opening credits, an excellent montage set to Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls;" the numbers reflecting Morgan's declining health; and his exploration of what the food industry is pushing in schools. It wasn't preachy - in fact, his vegan hippie girlfriend came off as shrewish and annoying (but I tend to find vegan hippies shrewish and annoying anyway) - but the underlying message was certainly clear: fast food is awful, don't buy it. And he did an excellent job of making you want to follow that advice.

After the film, we stopped by my comic store to pick up several weeks worth of funnybooks, and ran by Scarecrow to look for a DVD of the original cut of Shaolin Soccer before the Disney-fied cut is released here and the old DVD is extinct. They didn't have it, but I grabbed a copy of an import version of Trainspotting with an unbelievably high-bitrate audio and video transfer (translation for the non-home-theater buffs: it looks and sounds GREAT on my TV and stereo). Then we dropped Angela back at her place and went furniture shopping, a quest that turned fruitless yet again as we saw no sofas for less than $1500.

Sunday, we excersized one of our last options and drove out to the La-Z-Boy store in Issaquah. My dad swears by La-Z-Boy furniture; I inherited his recliner, a chair dating from the late 1960s, when I went off to college and the only reason I ditched it when I left was that it wouldn't fit in the car. And, the stuffing was leaking and the fabric was worn. But, the structure of the chair was intact! We found La-Z-Boy's prices much, much more reasonable and found a great sofa at a great price. Two recliners, and the middle cushion folds down to create a console with drinkholders and a place for stuff. And it's firm enough to support the back, but soft enough to be comfortable. It'll be delivered in eight weeks, since they didn't have it in the fabric we wanted.

In the afternoon, we trotted over to Home Depot so Liz could grab some seeds and soil for a little herb garden she's planning outside, and we swung by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They keep sending us these 20%-off coupons in the mail (a blatant but effective means of luring you in), so I used one to get an item I've always wanted: a Kit-Kat Clock. It's on the kitchen wall, and I have to admit it looks kind of sinister with its huge, nonblinking eyes. Like it's watching me.

I get to see Van Helsing at work today. I really hope it doesn't suck, but I'm glad I don't have to pay to see it.

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