Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fear, Inc.

Invest in duct tape and Saran wrap! Head into the fallout shelters! Our Fearless Leaders have said it's time to be afraid again!

It's so hard to believe, with the overwhelming effectiveness of the War on Terror and the War for Oil that America should ever be threatened! That their numbers should be growing! We've done everything right, and yet we still want you to live in fear!

Synonym for fear: terror. Al Quaeda is closer to victory every day. And yes, according to the second article, their numbers are swelling, based in no small part to the conflict in Iraq.

So let's review the effectiveness of foriegn policy under this administration:

  • No Osama bin Laden.
  • Al Quaeda just as capable of pulling off a major terror attack, and their numbers are flourishing thanks to...
  • A war in Iraq fought for bogus reasons that has achieved nothing but turning the entire Arab world against the US.

Wow. It makes me proud to be an American! Because I know in the next non-tampered-with Presidential election, old Bushie-Boy is gonna go back to Texas to suck his thumb and sulk.

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