Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Change of Plans

Last night, instead of breaking my plans with Brook, Wendi, and Chad, I decided to run the Skull & Bones game rather than join Mutants and Masterminds, which worked out for the best because my character wasn't ready, and last night was one of the best nights of role-playing I've run. The current adventure is one of my favorite kinds, with very little (so far, no) fighting and a lot of roleplaying. The players really seem to like it, too, so I might have to adjust what I'm doing in the future a bit. The night ended with one of the characters on trial; she was aquitted of one charge, but found guilty of piracy, and was due to be hanged when the governor of the colony pardoned her. But it seems that the people pulling the strings weren't done with her yet, and the entire thing was a political setup for a larger scheme that's going to be yet another setup for what will eventually lead to war - which will, in turn, be something that another group needs to fuel their evil plans.

And of course, the only ones who can save the day are the party!

Political intrigues, epic stories, this is my kind of roleplaying game! Hopefully, I can squeeze a Ravenloft game out of someone in the future, but I have a feeling once Skull & Bones is over, I might move on to other things. I've had the strange urge to try my hand at All Flesh Must Be Eaten, or a d20 Modern equivelant.

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