Saturday, May 08, 2004

Pundits Everywhere

Michael Moore, the liberal counterpart to Rush Limbaugh, may have been manufacturing the recent contraversy surrounding the release of his new film Farenheit 9/11. At this point, I could care less. I doubt one pseudo-documentary film is going to change anyone's opinion of the president at this point; those who love him will denounce Moore as a fat liar who manufactures reality, and those who hate Bush will latch on and say it's great stuff. Those interested in a modicum of intelligent debate will be left watching the further polarization of American politics.

Incidentally, I'm going to see Super Size Me today, a Moore-style documentary about a guy who eats nothing but McDonald's for a month. I can't say I'm all that interested in the film, but it might be good and I get to see Angela and John, so that'll be fun.

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