Saturday, June 05, 2004

Bush's Aides on Bush

Someone at work sent along this article from Capitol Hill Blue, a libertarian online journal, about the state of the Bush administration and the man himself. I'm not sure how much of it is true, because a lot of it comes off sounding like wishful thinking and sources are - ahem - not exactly cited correctly, but it's certainly an interesting look at what might be occuring behind-the-scenes.

I've often gotten the impression from a lot of the neoconservative commentators lately that things appear to be imploding in their camps, and that people have become numb to the likes of Rush, Ann C., Hannity, and Bill O'R. Many of the things they say and do, such as Ann Coulter's recent defense of Rush Limbaugh's drug use and defense of Rush's comments about the Iraqi "frat party" at the prison, seem to be actions of desperation. They attacked Gore's recent speech in the exact same way: not by addressing a single one of the points Gore laid out, but simply by dismissing Gore as "insane" or "nuts." They aren't even trying anymore, and although Ann is still selling books (as she informed Bill O'Reily in that same interview), I suspect that she has become the consumate carnie: she's selling a freakshow and people are paying to get in just to see what comes next. There are people out there who are still holding strong to the neoconservative ideology, but I think a lot of people are realizing that the neocons used them and their good intentions for an agenda of greed, and they aren't terribly happy about it.

Of course, that's from my ivory tower up here in Washington state, and things may look very different elsewhere.

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