Sunday, June 06, 2004

RIP Ronald Reagan

Today, Ronald Reagan passed away. For most of the early to middle part of my childhood, he was the only president I knew, and the only president I could imagine (although I was born two years into the Carter administration, I really don't remember anything about it). One of my first political memories is of the Iran-Contra hearings, and I distinctly recall the television repeating the phrase "shredded documents" ad infinitum. He ended the Cold War by raising America's standard of living - and military spending - so high that we literally spent the Soviet Union to death. I did not care for his economic policies, but he was much more of a negotiator and realized the value of compromise than many politicians in his party do today. But he stuck to his guns when necessary, and you could just feel the likeable-ness oozing off of him. Heck, I liked him in spite of myself.

Not to mention that Alzheimers is a godawful way to go, and I certainly don't wish that kind of long, painful death on anyone.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's dead. It's because of him that AIDS is an epidemic, when he could have gotten it under control really easily.

Jason said...

And here I thought that the AIDS epidemic (worldwide, of course) was the result of lack of basic education in third world countries.

When Africans think you can cure AIDS by raping a virgin, I fail to see how this is Ronald Reagan's fault. There are plenty of reasons to dislike the man, and I dislike him for many of those reasons, but seriously - blame where blame is due.