Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Next Intern

Most people don't remember, but roundabout mid-February of this year, news began to break of Democratic crown-prince Kerry and an affair he had with an intern.

The news was carried in places like the Drudge Report (which will go down in history as the site that broke the Monica Lewinski story), and the British tabloids, but slowly disappeared as people realized it was total bullshit.

So what's it like to be accused of having an affair with the likely presidential candidate?

Alexandra Polier, the woman named in the accusation, wrote an exceptional story about it, from facing those who accused her to ask them why they would publish such things with no facts to back it up, to tracing the roots of the story back to - yup - a Republican't smear machine. (Thanks to Mark Evanier for the link).

I have to hand it to Alexandra, she did an elegant job of making these people look like the total asshats they are.

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