Tuesday, June 29, 2004


So here's my official con report. It was good to be back in Central Ohio, although for me Central Ohio on this trip consisted of a hotel room, the convention center, a couple of restaurants within walking distance of the two, and the taxi ride to and from the airport. In other words, I didn't get back to Granville or drive up to Cedar Point or any of the other grandiose plans I considered for the trip. It was purely business. And games.

I ended up with a copy of the Chrononauts expansion and convention-exclusive cards (yes, other companies do convention-exclusives too!) Chrononauts is a fun Looney Labs game; Looney Labs is kind of the Green Party of the games industry; still run by white people, but very concerned with the environment and the repeal of marijuana restrictions. They make some darn good games, too (Are You The Werewolf? is one of my personal favorites).

I also ended up with a copy of Citadels (OK, it actually came while I was at the con), which I've been dying to try out after reading raves about it from both Jeff and Wolfgang.

I mentioned before that I wound up with a complete library of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, which actually doubles as resources for the Unisystem gaming system in those books. It's a non-HP, non-level driven system, and it's really pretty slick - they have rules for a "space cowboy" game in their magazine (basically a Firefly game without the name Firefly), so I think I might give that one a quick try one night and see how the system performs under pressure. It seems like a great system to use for story-driven games, and mine tend to focus more on story than the actual combat and stuff, so I can certainly see myself using the system.

There isn't much else to say about the con - I don't want it to seem like the only reason I went was for swag, but then again the job part is pretty boring - and Liz wants me to fire up the grill.

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