Sunday, June 20, 2004

Booze and Canadians

Last week was long and hellish. I ended up working for 11 hours on Monday and 12 hours on Tuesday; Wednesday was better, because I got to see Travis; Thursday we played Skull & Bones, and Friday our Internet connection was down when I got to the office, so I had to do my work in four hours time and skip games day, but I managed to pull it off.

Friday night Liz and I met Jon, Shane, Beth, and their crew at the Irish Emigrant for drinks and fun. Tiffany, Matt, and Isaac joined us later. We threw some darts and I drank way more than I should have; I haven't had that much booze in a long time. I kept myself awake until 2 AM so I wouldn't be hung over. Sadly, we met Brook and Wendi bright and early Saturday morning for a daytrip up to Vancouver, so I was operating on very little sleep yesterday.

The trip was pretty nifty; we spent a lot of time waiting to cross into Canada (over an hour) because someone in front of us took a U-Haul into the "cars only" line, and they took a good half-hour to question him, search it, and so on. Then, we got stuck in traffic in Vancouver and sat there for another good hour before we finally made it to the park where we started our day. By then, it was 1 in the afternoon. So we walked around the park (it was probably in the mid-80s yesterday, and I wore a black t-shirt - dumb!) and eventually tired of that. Parking in the park was $5, and according to the park map there were other places where that $5 parking receipt would be good, so we spent yet another hour searching for them, until we finally gave up, went to a parking garage, and paid more money to park there. We hit Denham street, full of restaurants and shops, ate at a pub, looked for some Cuban cigars (all too expensive, so I didn't bring any back), and then headed for Grouse Mountain, where you can ride a skyride to top to look down on the city.

The skyride was way too expensive, so we found another park nearby and walked around on the Cleveland Dam, getting a nice view of a gorge, half of which was under water. Afterwards, exhausted, we headed back. On the way back to our apartment, Liz and I sat in traffic for another hour because there was a wreck on I-5 that covered three of four lanes of traffic.

Canada: a lot of sitting in your car, and overpriced touristy stuff.

Today I'm planning on doing just about nothing. I'm going to watch some Northern Exposure and listen to the commentary tracks on the Simpsons episodes I like from the recently-released fourth season. And play some more Prince of Persia.

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