Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Walkin' Dude

Today I resume my walking exercise. In ten minutes, actually. It takes me about 40 minutes to walk home from my office. I just noticed that it's awfully dark outside, and probably raining too. This should be an interesting excursion (I haven't walked in a couple of weeks because of the weather and my schedule).

People tell me that the trick to exercise is making it part of a routine. Actually, I think it was Jon that told me that. He said, if you can do it for a month, it becomes part of your life. That's my hope, anyway. Plus, I'll save on gas while I'm becoming more and more healthy. I'll post updates to my lifestyle change to this very blog.

Last night's D&D game was a blast. We concluded the adventure (basically), and I'm not sure if we'll continue the campaign or not. I hope so, because I like my character. He's another Goodsoup. Tonight I've got to finish some of the details for the Skull & Bones game tomorrow - namely, the encounter and the names of some of the NPCs. I also hope to work some more on my novel, so I can get caught up on my deadlines. Hell, I'm only three and a third chapters away from finishing it. I think I'll stay away from serialized fiction for a while - but I'd like to start on my "Communists From Mars" book again, although probably with some plot differences. And, I'd like to clean up some of this short fiction.

Hopefully, the 40 minute walk should provide some good inspiration. I'm taking off in a minute, as soon as I collect my things. I just remembered that there is a stretch of road with no sidewalk. This should be interesting in the dark.

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