Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Two From the Love and Lust Department

According to this story, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt purchased nude photos of Pfc. Jessica Lynch, the girl that the Right is trying to make into a PR symbol for the increasingly despicable "war" in Iraq. I think the best thing I read about this was Elizabeth's comment after I emailed her about it:

"I'm not sure i agree with his methodology, but the man's got a point. And if you were flocking with army guys nearly naked and let them take pics of you, well what the hell do you expect to have happen- at minimum they share the pics with all of their friends and half of a company would be whacking off to you every night- at least this way it's part of a political statement.

I can't believe I just said that, but I'm pretty sure I agree with what I just wrote."

I agree, too.

Also from the Love and Lust department, there is a 19 year old intern at my wife's office she describes as a "floozy." I like that word, I like it a lot. To make matters worse, this poor girl's name is Addie Lust. I'm not making that up. If my last name were Lust, I wouldn't name my daughter something that sounded like a porn star's name. I'm sure there's a joke or three in there, but I'm too busy at work to make them.

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