Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Pariah Dog
I decided to show a friend Stephen King is People! on today, only to find that the site has disappeared. So I decided to take stock of the various pulibcations in which my writing has appeared, and see how many no longer exist today.

The Drury Mirror (college newspaper): according to its website, still active. But with clipped wings - not nearly as liberal as I left it.

The Bonfire (college literary magazine): the last webpage update was Fall 2002. Not optimistic.

The Tulsa Independent: Folded after five issues. I was Associate Editor.

Infinity Press: My cover story appeared in the publication's final issue.

Oklahoma Magazine: As far as I can tell, still in business.

OUTLine: Under a new name and new management.

Revolution SF: Toast.

Classic Gaming: Has a pulse, but a weak one.

RPG Times: Still ticking.

Have I become the Groo of the publishing world? Or have I simply been choosing bad publications?

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