Friday, November 05, 2004

Liberals: Arm Yourselves

And here is an excellent example of why I feel the need to protect myself and my family from neo-cons. It's not even the administration I fear, at least in the immediate future, it's people like this - so drunk on their new-found "power" and looking to, ahem, put my head to the concrete and curb-stomp me (a reference to what a neo-Nazi does in American History X.

We are one random encounter away from some psychotic right-wing nutcase like this from being murdered or maimed for our political beliefs. It's right there, in black and white. They hate us for what we believe. They hate us for wanting to give children access to basic health care, for wanting to allow two people who love each other to share medical benefits. For that, they want to "curb-stomp" us.

This liberal's ideas will be protected by Smith and Wesson.

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Anonymous said...

You're unlikely to run into Adam Yoshida any time soon, partly because he's a fat coward who lives in his parents' basement and who is almost certainly both a virgin and a repressed homosexual - but mainly because he's Canadian. (A major reason for his political frustration is that he knows full well that his fellow countrymen will NEVER elect someone like Bush!)

His neo-fascist fantasies used to be a source of great merriment to his regular visitors until he disabled comments on Thursday. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't do this months ago, as I have never seen a blogger get quite so comprehensively trashed in his own comments section before!

But the good news is that because he's disabled comments, once this initial flurry of interest has died down, his hit count is going to plummet through the floor - the only reason 95% of his visitors ever went there in the first place was in order to post witty put-downs, which in turn was the only reason to read the blog in the first place.