Monday, November 08, 2004

The Incredible Four

Last night, Liz and I went to the casino up in Tulalip with Jon and another couple. Jon knows a bit about blackjack, and it was great to learn from someone who has been at a table before. My problem with vices like gambling is that there's a certain etiquette involved, and I'm always scared I'm going to do something wrong. Luckily there was a moron at the table who was obviously a lot worse off than me, so I didn't feel bad. I lost the (pretty small) amount of money I'd set aside for the evening, but still had a great time.

Today, we met up with a group of WizKids folks to watch The Incredibles. It captured everything I like about comic books - a great story, a sense of those who are different banding together, and using your talents for good. The main characters were essentially a riff on the Fantastic Four, which may be part of the reason I liked it so much (FF is my favorite comic).

For some reason, I'm feeling very emotional this evening. Typically, my emotions are very much in check, but tonight, I feel a lot more like that dam has sprung a few leaks. I think I'm gonna do a little work on my next novel, and provide an outlet for it. I don't always like feeling this way, which is why I tend to keep a pretty tight cap on things. It's kind of frustrating, since I think it's related to something out of my control, and I feel like I could just crumble at any moment - and I don't like that sort of weakness either.

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