Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hurt The Ones You Love the Most

I've been reflecting a lot lately about the relationship my job creates to other people I interact with - and not necessarily my co-workers, although I've managed to inadvertantly trigger two catfights with as many people in as many days. Instead, I find myself once again amazed at the willingness of our customers to accept the worst possible solution, without getting the facts.

Case in point: this weekend, our website was hacked. I learned about it Saturday night. I couldn't do anything until Monday morning, because hey, I try not to work on the weekends (I do have a family I care about), and frankly, they don't fucking pay me enough. So Monday morning, I started working with our one remaining database programmer (our other one is on vacation) to try to fix the problem. We've got it mostly fixed now, but work has been progressing slowly, mostly because our programmer has to do his other job as well. I worked a little bit over yesterday night and tonight to try to get things squared away - so I took time I could have been spending with my wife, and instead tried to get us up and running again.

So today, I hop on our forums, because I like to be abused. And one of our adoring fans has suggested that everyone at WizKids has caught a disease that made us all incompetent.

Shortly after deleting the post and warning the user, my faith in humanity took another serious blow. I'm tellin' ya, that will is gonna crumble completely some day. I'm not even bothering to fix it anymore.

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Anonymous said...

You can't let the geeks get to you, cap'n. They may make up the patrons of the company, but they're usually fairly ignorant about the inner workings (as much as they THINK they know) and addicted to your product. I think you're done TONS to support them on a very interactive personal level, so....

...geeks aren't exactly the most well balanced people on Earth. Grain. Of. Salt.