Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Attention Humorless Government Dipshits

A friend pointed out that the post I made last night about purchasing a firearm could be seen as a threat against the lives of people in the current Presidential administration, or in politics.

It is not. It is a declaration of self-protection. I am a pacifist, and I do not believe in using violence to solve problems, which is one of the reasons I oppose the shiteater in the White House to begin with.

The reason I would own a gun is for the time when a government goon squad would come to my house and drag me, my wife, or any other member of my family, or my friends, off into the night because of our political beliefs, sexual preferences, religious leanings, and so forth.

The very fact that I can imagine this possibilty should be cause for alarm.

Perhaps, Humorless Government Dipshits, if you're actually reading the ravings of some Northwest Lib'rul on a blog whose readers number in the tens, and were thinking of coming to my house, you might be part of the problem.

I hope that clarifies everything. Now please, go back to making strippers cover up instead of finding Osama bin Laden, and leave people like me to wonder how the fuck 53% of our countrymen could be so stupid.


Liz said...

I'll say amen to that..... and fuck-you-very-much to the Humorless Government Dipshits

Anonymous said...

It's pretty sad you can't simply state how you feel without worrying about being seen as some violent traitor, isn't it? -Angela