Monday, January 09, 2006

A Question of Race

I have long lived under the assumption that Magneto was a Roma (gypsy) victim of Nazi atrocities. Here is a fairly compelling list of (granted circumstantial) evidence that he was, in fact, a Jew.

Not that it matters either way, but it's an interesting debate.


Roger Whitson said...

yeah, but you are assuming that Magneto is, in fact, one character and not a simulacrum of numerous comic book panels that never fully add up to one fictional person, but are multiplicitous singularities disseminating endlessly into different mediums: video games, movies, statues, t-shirts...

"ceci n'est pas une pipe" my friend.

Jason said...

Well, continuity is a fairly important concept in comic books (ahem - most of the time, anyway), so I would hope that there's at least something somewhere in Marvel's hands that says whether he's Jewish or Roma, even if the rest of us aren't privvy to their strange inner workings.