Monday, January 23, 2006

The End Responds: A Form Letter

Dear Jason,

Thanks for your thoughts regarding our addition of The Adam Carolla Show, weekday mornings on 107.7 The End. While this is a mass letter being sent to all respondents, we did read every e-mail regarding your thoughts on our decision to air Adam's show.

As you know we've changed our morning approach a few times since late 2003. I cannot stress the importance of providing you with high quality entertainment during the morning. When the opportunity arose to include Adam Carolla's unique show on The End, we were quick to evaluate, and appreciate, Adam's many years of "Loveline" success at the station, as well as his huge popularity with most of our listeners. I'm sure that you agree that intelligent, engaging on-air presenters add to Your listening experience on The End.

There are two main concerns expressed in your e-mails that I'd like to address.

1) The End's Music
Our music will remain largely the same. Our goal is always to introduce new alternative sounds to Seattle and play you the great songs we've enjoyed together on The End the past 14+ years. And we feel we've got the best air staff in Seattle to do just that: Jim Keller, who's been with The End since 1993, 10am-2pm; Dick Rossetti, a living encyclopedia of music, 2pm-6pm; and new music guru harms, 6pm-10pm.

2) Being Local
Adam's show emanates, live from Los Angeles, just like many of the network and cable television shows, and virtually all of the theatrical movie releases that we enjoy. We are equally excited to serve Seattle with local personalities for over eighteen hours each weekday and non-stop during weekends. We'll continue to keep you on top of local concerts and club shows, including End Sessions, Endfest and Deck The Hall Ball, during and after Adam's show. And we'll continue to support the Seattle music scene by playing local bands, presenting local bands live as part of The Young & The Restless Concert Series, and, every Friday at 6pm, bringing in local bands to play live on The End.
Plus The End's commitment to The Vera Project will continue in 2006 raising money and awareness for Seattle's music-arts center run by and for youth.

Your passion for The End is noticeable and appreciated. Thanks for your e-mails.

Phil Manning
Station Manager/Program Director


All of the bolded statements were just like that in the email.

My initial reply:

This means war.

I'll post more later.

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