Friday, January 13, 2006

Fan Fiction

At what point does a project cease becoming that most dreaded of authorly labels, Fan Fiction, and start becoming a serious writing project?

An open-ended question - discuss.


Matt Forbeck said...

When the people who control the rights to the property in question officially approve your work.

Kevin said...

What Matt said. Fan Fic, is by it's nature based on an existing property. Now if you're writing original material it is automatically a writing enterprise. Or complete crap. But I've seen your writing Jason, so I doubt it's the latter.

AND if you're writing for a company that holds the license for the property and it's an official project (Say, the Wizkids Battlestar Galactica stuff) then it's an official, canonical writing project! Woo hoo!
And as bad as some Fan Fic is, some official pieces have been far, far worse. *shudder*