Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Letter to The End Regarding Their New Morning Show

To Whom it May Concern,

Today while commuting in I heard my first broadcast of the Adam Carolla show. While I had my doubts about a syndicated morning show over our local pals DJ Noname and Jennifer White, I was willing to at least give the new format a chance.

Unfortunately, this will be the last time I listen to The End on my morning commute.

I moved to Seattle three years ago, and was happy to find The End and its morning show. The lack of syndication gave it a personal and local flavor that you can never get from a syndicated show, and the greatest thing about it was that the two hosts were not narcisisstic as to make the show about themselves. Noname and Ms. White made the show about the music and the conversation - and better entertainment was the result.

It's truly unfortunate that you decided to cancel their show and go with a syndicated feed. I am not against syndication itself, although I do prefer local flavor if offered a choice. I don't feel that the Adam Carolla Show fits me as a consumer. Mr. Carolla's greatest contributions to our society (as outlined on www.1077theend.com) are a radio show (Loveline) where thirteen-year-old girls try to get affirmation for having sex; a television show (The Man Show) whose most memorable component is the exploitation of women by showing scantily-clad models jumping on trampolines; and another television show (Crank Yankers) aimed at tweens who don't remember The Jerky Boys.

I could go into the whole argument against the corporatization of radio and accuse you of selling out and all that nonsense, but I do understand the financial reasons for making these kinds of decisions - in a competitive world, outsourcing jobs to lesser-qualified people makes sense on the bottom line. However, as soon as Mr. Carolla (or his assistant) hit the prefabricated soundboard this morning to enhance their discussion of coaches being dumped with Gatorade following college football games, I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision.

I'll miss DJ Noname and Jennifer White, and I'll certainly miss a radio station that offered what I, as a consumer, was looking for. Perhaps you thought your demographic was changing, and thus the reason for this switch. I can tell you it will certainly change to match the intended audience of the Adam Carolla show if more folks like me decide to dump The End in the morning in favor of other fare.

Good luck with the new format. I think you'll need it.


Jason Mical

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