Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Proud Liberal Blogger

From Daily Kos:

    "Keying off some of Kos's writings, GOpers are trying to turn the phrase "liberal blogger" into a boogeyman phrase -- kind of like "Hillary Clinton" or "Nancy Pelosi" or "Howard Dean." Or what "Tom DeLay" is to Dems in their fundraising appeals."

    But of course Republicans want to turn "liberal bloggers" into a dirty word since that's what they're best at. God forbid they run the country effectively, depriving us of material to use against them. But, rather than trying to figure out how to effectively govern, they do what they do best -- they try and tear down the opposition.
Guess what, Republicans? I refuse to let you frame this language. This language is mine. You may go on the offensive, but all you do is end up being offensive.

I'm a liberal blogger and proud of it.


Roger Whitson said...

right on.

William Young said...

Of course, the problem with "liberal bloggers" is that all they're capable of doing is complaining and mis-characterizing the debate. Kos is the king of this, and is consistently unable to offer any solutions to the legion of problems he whines about every day.

Kos and his ilk are capable only of destroying the Democratic Pary, which is sad, because the Republicans suck. Kos cannot build, though. Witness his inability to use his popularity to get any of the candidates he's supported for election elected to the position for which they were running.

In this vein, I'd be embarassed to claim the mantle of "liberal blogger." Kos is an embarassment of intellectual thought.