Monday, January 23, 2006

And a Funny Story

I almost forgot: last night at Shana's, I was talking to the former director of WizKids' art department. Getting caught up, seeing if she'd found work, and so on.

She thanked me for referring her to a game company, Exile, which is run by my friends Jeff and Melissa.

I say, Jeff Grubb? as he is the only Jeff I'm aware of who this might even somewhat resemble.

No, Jeff and Melissa. They specifically mentioned me, Jason Mical at WizKids. They've known me for nine years, and I'm writing for their new project. And, apparently, I recommended our former art director for this job.


I inform a now-also-confused former art director that I don't know any Jeff or Melissa at Exile, I'm not writing for them, and although I would recommend her in an instant for a job, I hadn't in this case.

We both agree it's strange. But she got the job, and I'm wondering if I'm getting credit for something I'm not writing - and not getting paid for (not) writing.

It's one of those Twin Peaks moments, I guess.

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Jeff_Grubb said...

More importantly, if I'm running Exile, I need to know before I fill out the Tax Forms for this year.

And I don't know HOW I'm going to explain Melissa to the lovely bride.