Monday, January 23, 2006

Home Improvement Shenanigans

Yesterday, while cleaning the shower, I noticed that the caulk was coming up, and that under the caulk was a good deal of mold. So, I decided to start peeling the caulk up to clean under it and then re-caulk.

Fast-forward to an hour or so later, when Liz discovers that the glass doors to the shower are not, as we thought, screwed into the tub, but are merely sitting there, and water has been getting under them. Said water has interacted with whatever sticky substance was placed there to keep the shower doors attached, and created a moldy, stinky, gooey mess.

Fast-forward another hour. The shower doors are gone. The tub is caulked. And we've got a very messy bathroom on our hands.

But, I just took a shower in our "new" shower, with shower curtain instead of stupid glass doors, and in addition to no longer stinking and being covered with mold, it now also doesn't leak.

The good news was, last night we got to go into Seattle for some friend-hanging-outage. We stopped at Shana's housewarming party and then drove up to the UD to meet up with Angela and Jon for dinner at a Italian restaurant in Wallingford. This reaffirmed my belief that Italian cuisine is possibly the tastiest on the planet, and that someday I really want to live in Wallingford (you know, when I'm making like three times what I'm making now.)

Oh, and I got a new phone. I'm still learning its ins and outs, so if I've missed your call or I'm hard(er than normal) to get a hold of, it's probably because I'm still learning how to use this thing.

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