Thursday, February 12, 2004

So Tired

It hit me tonight that I'm extremely exhausted. I had to skip the first part of my morning and the last part of my afternoon at work so I could go to doctors. He gave me some blood pressure meds that should help, and I've renewed my resolve to walk as much as possible. Still, I feel like I could go to sleep just sitting here. I picked up comics today, and I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre finally, but it was a long, long day.

The worst part was, I finally finished a project at work that I've been slaving over since Monday. As I went to save (and I shit you not, I'm too tired to make shit up tonight), the computer froze. I thought, OK, that's bad. Then Madalyn's computer froze, and Bob's froze, and Tiffany's froze, all at the same time. Why? Because something went wrong with our network. I finally had to restart my machine. I never did get the project saved. I save periodically as I go, but if the network fucked up while I was saving the file, then that might not matter. I would be very very sad and very very angry if the file didn't get saved. But right now, I'm just very very tired, and as soon as I get Liz from the dog training place, I'm going to sleep.

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