Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Murder Most Foul

My prodigious record for murdering electronic devices has grown yet again - two within twenty-four hours this time. My iPod quit working in the middle of a Rage Against the Machine song yesterday, and my DVD player has decided to quit being anything resembling a DVD player.

But that's not the bad news.

My parents are coming into town this weekend.

I've been cleaning so obsessively, my hands feel like leather gloves from the bleach.

Oh yeah, and here's another piece of good news: I somehow managed to lose my wallet. It occurred to me this morning that I should probably call the credit card company and see if there's any strange activity on the card. I'm pretty sure I lost it in the house, or maybe the car (last remembered sighting of wallet: when I showed my ID to the rental car people at the airport). Maybe I'll try calling them too. It leaves me with no ID, no way to get into the gym, and more importantly no way to pay for anything.

Edited to clarify: the bad news about my parents' visit is the work I had to do on top of returning from the con, not the visit itself.

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Anonymous said...

My iPod stopped working 2 days ago! GRAH! Just froze like hell. My anger is immense! They, however, sent a box to get it shipped to them in for free repairs of all kinds. GET THE APPLECARE PLAN!

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