Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Chronicle of Quotes on Iraq

Laid out in detail are various quotes about Iraq, including the plan to invade as early as September 17th, 2001; the money illegally rerouted from Afghanistan to plan the invasion; the assertions by Condi Rice not three months before 9/11 that Iraq had zero weapons of mass destruction (suddenly, the intelligence got all faulty after 9/11 and then returned to normal?); and in many instances a case for optimism after the election.

As good as the removal of Saddam is for the world and the Iraqi people, we should not forget that we were intentionally led to war on false pretenses (as any rational person looking at these quotes would agree) so that a few people could make a lot of money.

If Saddam was really so bad and getting rid of him was such a moral imperative, Daddy Bush should have done it in '91, and the conservative right should have supported Clinton's efforts to curb Slobodon Milosivic. That these two things did not happen shows the greedy, opportunistic hypocrites beneath their self-righteous exterior.

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