Sunday, September 26, 2004

Weekend Update

Friday was a great cap to an interesting week at work. I had a massive copywriting project I finished with a little time to spare, so I can now shift my focus to my other job and look at which parts of the website need a tune-up. The HeroClix community is in a snit over an announcement we made last week about a new premiere-level events program. Some of their complaints are valid, but the majority of them are making me think, "wow, I guess I can never get too comfortable with the wildlife." The announcement wasn't handled in the best way; some dipshit managed to find the webpage I was editing before I posted the public link, because I forgot to turn the webpage off, so I was stuck posting something I wasn't entirely comfortable with, and the first draft that everyone saw thanks to this prick - and formed their conclusions from - was one I really wasn't comfortable with.

So it goes.

Yesterday Liz and I went house-shopping again, found some of the best stuff yet, and came back to watch Shaun of the Dead with Jon and Seth. I've been playing more of Ninja Gaiden, because I'm planning on going all-out on GTA: San Andreas when it releases.

On the writing front, I was complaining two weeks ago about not having done any writing recently. Now, I'm plugging away on the new novel and I've got two solid story ideas for a contest / journal publication thing that Seth put me in touch with. I don't know which route I'll take, but either one should be fun, especially since both are a departure from my usual; the journal is looking for the best pulp-crime-noir, so it should be a great exercise.

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