Monday, September 20, 2004

Story of My Life

This was a mind-bending afternoon. My grandfather was in the hospital this morning; his pacemaker has basically been working nonstop for an intederminate amount of time, and he's been experiencing chest pains, dizzyness, and even fainting spells.

Liz and I went to look at things we could put in a new house. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of those kinds of trips. They tend to take me back to some unpleasant memories and issues about myself I'd rather I didn't have. We had a great talk afterwards, (I missed Matt's farewell party though) and she said some things that really "clicked." I also printed out a story that I forgot I'd written; I've been tinkering around on it for about a year, so I might subject Seth and Jon to it this week for their editing opinions.

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Jon said...

I look forward to it!

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