Thursday, September 16, 2004

Waking Life

Yesterday was a bear of a day. I spent most of the last three days at work preparing for a moderated chat last night, where WizKids announced the next base set for MechWarrior. I'm not a big fan of MechWarrior - that is to say, I'm ambivilant about the game and its fiction - but there are some fans out there who treat the entire universe and its 20-year history as seriously as some treat the Lovecraft mythos. For some reason, it's just never rubbed me as interesting (a side note: the only argument I've ever seen over a game that developed into a physical confrontation occured over a combination of the old Battletech/MechWarrior combat game/RPG), although I did really enjoy going to the Battletech Center arcades ten years ago to get a glimpse at what virtual reality could be. And, lest you get the wrong idea, I don't dislike MechWarrior; our version of the game is incredibly strategic. But if presented with a choice, I doubt it would be the first game I'd pick up.

Anyway, the chat went better than I expected. I moderated, and at one point there was about - I'm guessing here, but I don't think this is too far off - 200 questions in the queue. Three people told me to go to hell, including one the called me a "perverted monkey fucker;" about three hundred and twenty didn't express an opinion to us; and six told us "thanks." The post-chat buzz has been pretty positive overall, too; with the exception of a few trolls (I've quit, but I'm still going to hang out on this message board and call people names!) everyone seems pretty happy with things.

I really do need to do my World's Largest Dungeon write-up; we had another session on Tuesday, and it was a blast. And now that I have everyone's names, I have no excuses. Except lack of time. And sleep.

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