Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A Dream of Dark and Troubling Things

I watched Mulholland Dr. straight through last night from beginning to end. I had forgotten what a gruelling movie it is to watch when you're concentrating on it; when I finished, I felt drained but I still stayed up after the lights were out thinking about what I'd watched. I thought about it on my walk into work this morning, too, and I might post some manner of analysis in the near-future, if I have the time or inclination to write such a thing. I've read several analyses on the 'Net, and although I think most of the writers have hit the main points of the film, they have ignored some details, and therefore lost some of the meaning.

My theory is that Lynch's recurring theme throughout all his movies is that of an "ordinary" or "regular" individual put into extraordinary circumstances - absurd circumstances - and how that person responds to the absurdity of the world around him or her. I could go on, but I'm finished with my burrito and I need to get back to work.

Maybe my career as a film critic (not in the Siskel and Ebert sense, but in the "literary criticism" sense) can finally take off.

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