Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Rare Occasion

I'm marking this event with a blog post because frankly it happens less than me being hit on by hot Hollywood actresses. Last night, President Bush said something I agreed with regarding the invitation and subsequent circus of Iranian President Ahmadinejad at Columbia University:

    When you really think about it, he's the head of a state sponsor of terror, he's—and yet an institution in our country gives him a chance to express his point of view, which really speaks to the freedoms of the country.
Well said (uh, kind of) Mr. Bush. My first thought when I heard of this stunt was that there's now way a university in Iran would ever extend the same invitation to President Bush - and if they did, how many assassination attempts could radical Muslims squeeze into one visit? The very fact that America allows people of all varieties, even the most repellent anti-gay, Holocaust-denying, woman-abusing elected heads of state, their say is a testament to why I at the bottom of my heart love this country and the freedoms upon which it was founded.

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