Tuesday, June 05, 2007

War. War Never Changes.

As some of you know, I authored the Fallout PnP RPG a while ago (quite a while ago, actually), so it's with a good deal of interest that I watched the teaser for Fallout 3 by Bethesda. The site is getting hammered at the moment, so take a gander at the YouTube video if you'd like:

It doesn't show any gameplay unfortunately, but they nailed the Fallout style and confirmed the game will be set on the East coast (Fallout games have previously been set only in the West coast.) And that Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor looks absolutely badass.

Fall 2008 can't get here soon enough.


Kevin Huxford said...

I never finished playing any of the Fallout games...but they had some of the most bad ass intros. I'll give this one a try when it comes out.

Jason said...

Fallout 2 is a fantastic game, although both of them are a little too grind-ey, especially right at the beginning, and even more so if you're not a character with fighting skills. Hopefully Beth will do right by the IP.

Roger said...