Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Open Letter to a Kindred Spirit

Who knew "intelligent" was a four-letter word, huh?

A "liability." What if we don't have "social skills." Because heaven forbid someone on the upper side of the Bell curve might be able to hold a conversation. In fact, isn't that what we're trained to do? We remember enough factoids about sports to hold our own in a conversation, and we don't expect them to learn a bullet point or two about Nietzsche because that's talking to them "above their level." The same old drill, pardon the pun.

Don't you feel lied to? Remember the fantasy they read us when we were younger - that someday we'd be in a place where we were appreciated, not treated as an anomaly - or worse, a commodity? School may be hard, sure you'll get beaten up and insulted and marked down by teachers who are intimidated by you and don't know what to do with you - but someday things will be different.

So much for someday, huh?

But I do know this: despite what they say, we are respected, otherwise we wouldn't be here. We may take little comfort in that, and we may be tempted to go within ourselves to wrap our arms around us straight-jacket style. And no one would know and they wouldn't lock us up. But we can carry on and make a contribution, because in the end we don't make up the rules, however unfair that may be. And we'll always have ourselves and our friends and people who understand, because as lonely as that ocean seems, as much as some of us may claim to be the only ones on the raft, there are more than a few other boats out there and we can always throw ourselves a rope or a life-vest when we start taking on water.

If you need a shoulder or an ear or just a sympathetic smile, you know where to find me and even if I don't respond right away, I'll listen and respond when I can. I haven't gotten where I am without people like you, and I'm only too willing to return the favor - or go above and beyond. It's what friends are for.

The world is a harsh place, but if we hold hands we can make it.

[UPDATE] I appreciate the concern my friends have shown through IM, email and comments - I'm fine guys. This is for more than one friend in my life who might be going through harsh times right now, just my way of letting them know they have a friend in me. But - thank you for your support too!


Roger said...

make it where? to the other side of death?

I don't know if anything bad is happening to you, J, but you can sure talk to me if it is.

or you can just talk to me...or not.

Jason said...

Nah, I'm good - this is for some friends who aren't feeling particularly well these days and I thought might need some kind words.