Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend Not In Vegas

I started off the weekend with a friendly game of poker at Captain Chott's pad. I went in badly but shaped up by the end of the night, ending about seven bucks over my buy-ins. Enough to buy my buddies lunch next week.

Yesterday I hit the gym early and then came back for a little online poker (play money, mom) and then to see Angela and John. We all ate at a really good "mediterranian/american" place, which had the best tabuleh I've eaten since my family's recipe. The cook came out to ask me what I thought of it, and I told her what I just wrote. We talked about Lebanon for a few minutes (she'd asked if I'd been, and I had to say I hadn't, so maybe I should go and get some street cred for that part of my family).

Today, I started off with a little more online poker (play money, mom). Both touraments I ended up winning, probably because I was the only person treating the play money like it's real money. Play money tournaments seem pretty cool because there's usually only three or four players who are playing seriously, and the rest are usually out in the first ten minutes, which is plenty of time to observe betting patterns and so forth. Now, I just hope that I'm learning good habits rather than bad ones.

Today, the gym, some Civ 4, and the finale of Rome tonight.

Oh, yeah: don't watch Cellular. It sucks.

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