Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey Travel

Liz and I flew back to Tulsa for Turkey Day again this year. Tickets were pretty expensive, so we ended up redeeming frequent flyer miles and going First Class because that was the only thing that was left. In First Class, they bring you lots of wine and you get to spend most of the trip in a stupor, enjoying your large seats and lots of legroom. Too bad work won't spring for that all the time.

We saw both families and a couple of friends, but overall the trip was way too short. I brought several copies of WizKids' new game Tsuro, which was a major hit on both sides of the family. Still, we only had one full day with both sides, and thanks to a nice bout of insomnia, I had to cut out a couple hours early from my family otherwise I might have fallen asleep on their couch.

I had a day off yesterday, caught Walk the Line with Crabby, Liz, and Seth (great movie!), and otherwise got ready to go back to the grind today. I've gone through all my work emails in preperation for it, so at least I'm walking into a relatively short to-do list.

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