Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Last Con of the Year

This last weekend was Wizard World Texas in beautiful Dallas, the last convention of the year. This means I don't have to travel for work until next March. Yeah!

This con was notable because I met and talked with one of my favorite comic creators of all time, James O'Barr, who did The Crow - a very important part of the formative years of my life. I went to the Dickies 500 NASCAR event to help promote our new game, which was pretty much what you would expect 150,000 Texans in once place to be like. Neither of the drivers from Washington won, so meh. I did get a nice suntan all over my face though, and the people-watching was fun.

I also managed to make out with quite a few trade paperbacks. I finished Loeb and Turner's run on Superman/Batman, where they reintroduce Supergirl, and Loeb and Sale's Daredevil: Yellow. Can you tell I'm kind of into Jeph Loeb? Yeah. His writing is amazing. I got Superman For All Seasons for my birthday too, so I'll have even more Loeb goodness to write about soon.

That's really all I've got. I made it back to the gym today - hopped on the bikes rather than the eliptical so I can start to vary my cardio workout a bit. Texas was like a four-day gluttony binge, so I'm being very good about what I eat and how much I exercise.

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