Monday, November 14, 2005

A Self-Induced Long Weekend

I took today off work, and I've been using it wisely. I got a big backup of yardwork out of the way (raking, mowing, pulling plants, etc.) and cleaned up the kitchen. Then, I drove down to the gym for a while, and was able to go at a nice steady pace rather than feel rushed and pressured like I do when I go over lunch. That's kind of what this weekend was like: coasting and taking time to relax without feeling rushed or pressured.

Saturday I did some work around the house, bummed over to Seattle long enough to pick up my comics, and then came back to the house to do more work and install Civ 4. Yesterday was kind of more of the same - Liz and I have been taking turns reading A Feast For Crows, so she read while I worked on some stuff for the office (yeah, even on a relaxing weekend off I do a little work). My only regret is that I didn't get any writing done, but since it's only 2:20, I can probably worm some in before I take off for the evening (Alliterates meeting tonight).

I can probably get a good two thousand words in before I go.

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