Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday Report

Liz and I did the Black Friday thing this year, because we're masochists who enjoy subjecting ourselves to that which we hate the most: throngs of mindless consumers all lining up to fork over money to gigantic corporations for things they don't need. But if we're one of those people, then...


Anyway, there were a lot more people out this year than have been out the last two years, but the overall store selection seemed worse. Liz got some new duds, and I ended up with my yearly Black Friday acquisition (new wallet). We entertained the notion of going to Best Buy to try to get a digital camera, but made it as far as the front door before the massive lines scared us off.

While we were walking back to our car, a hick in a big pickup with a bed full of discounted E-Machines computers asked us if we were looking for one. I realized after I told him no thanks, but I'd love a cup of coffee that he was a scalper. A scalper scalping E-Machines computers.

Tickle Me E-Machines?

The best part was coming back and looking on the Internet for deals. Turns out you can get the same prices - or better - online for a lot of the Black Friday stuff at Best Buy and many other websites.

I think next year, I'll sleep in and shop online. And not have to face the scalpers.

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