Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Movie: Sideways

We watched Sideways a couple of nights ago, kind of on a whim (hey, we've got this DVD and haven't watched it yet.) It was good. Very similar to About Schmidt in that it focuses on normal people who encounter other normal people who all have normal problems and do normal things. Also like that movie, it's kind of a road trip film, a convention that has sadly lay fallow recently.

I have to admit though that it's stuck with me. Even more than Walk the Line, I find myself thinking about Sideways in my off-time, going over the characters, the story, and so on. I'm liking it more almost in spite of myself.

It's worth checking out, even if it sounds a little pretentious. That's half the fun.

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Kevin said...

My wife hated this movie. So much so that I couldn't express that I'd actually kind of liked it.

It's strangely paced and the characters are less than likeable, but you feel like you know, or could know, these guys.

Maybe these are the high school friends that you're better off having lost track of.